5 Quick Tips For Choosing A Company Name

Posted On April 11, 2019

In this post I have 5 quick tips of actions to take when you are choosing your new business name.

Starting a new business? Exciting times! But before you get carried away with that new name there’s a few important checks to do first.


1. Google the name

The expansion of the pet industry means a lot of the more obvious choices for business names have now been used several times over. There’s also an abundance of variations of paws, pawesome, wags and tails!

It’s super important that you do a really good Google search before you choose a name, you don’t want to double up on a name that’s already being used in your area if you are a local business especially. So Google the name on it’s own, and also with your area, e.g. Fluffy Paws and also Fluffy Paws Bristol.

A Real Life Warning Story!
A company in SW London came to me with two different options for their business name. Both were great names, so before they chose I asked them to let me have a Google of both to see if anything popped up in the SERPS.

Well lucky they did, it turns out there was a company of one of the names in NW London that had been taken to court for animal cruelty. The company had since changed name, but the article online still existed. So, if my client had chosen that name, and someone had googled it along with the word London, up it would have come!

Having your new pet business potentially linked with animal cruelty really is the last thing you want so Google, Google and then Google some more.


2. Check if it’s trademarked

It’s important not to tread on anyone else’s business toes. Imagine if you chose a name, got your branding, logo and website all sorted and then a company that had the name first sent you a cease and desist – Yikes!

Search for a trademark


Search the Companies House register to check out other business names


Check if the company name is available



3. Check the availability of domain names

Before you choose a company name you definitely need to see if the domain name is available, or something near it that you could use.

I don’t buy my names with GoDaddy, but they have a nice easy to use search facility to check on the availability of your chosen name.


Remember when choosing a domain name:

  • Length matters – short and memorable works best.
  • Hyphens, personally I’m not keen, but if you have no other option then make sure the name is easy to spell and type, that way people will find it easier just to remember the hyphen.
  • What extension will you use? If you are solely a UK business then .co.uk, or maybe .co. If you have an international clientele then .com is more appropriate.


4. Check the availability of Social Media Handles

With your new business comes social media! Essential for marketing your business, an easy way to check what’s been taken and what hasn’t is https://namechk.com/

You’ll want to consider any of the platforms that might suit your business. The main five are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter.


5. Can you grow and expand with it?

Will your new company name grow as your business grows?

Imagine I call my new business Rosie’s Rabbit Care and it turns out that there’s way more rabbits out there needing care than I could have hoped for.

Great, lot’s of business, so I decide to take on a helper, I train them up and start sending them off to client interviews. Does it matter that ‘Rosie’ won’t be appearing, but Susie my employee will be? That’s up to you to decide.

Whilst including your name in your business name can bring a personal and friendly touch they can be less easy later on down the line to grow with, so just bear it in mind.



If you are choosing between a couple of names it’s always worth checking them over with friends and family. If you are in a small and trusted Facebook group the hive mind can also be helpful, but I would avoid posting in huge groups or you might get overwhelmed with ‘help’.

Petbusinesses and Petpreneurs you are most welcome for help and advice in the Barking Tribe Facebook group!


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