A Rosie Robinson timeline (in hair).

Rosie - The Early Years

My Dad is a total dude and had many an MG that we all used to whizz around in.

Rosie - The Teenage Years

With Art as my favourite subject in school, there was no question of what I wanted to do. It was off to art school for me as soon as I could!

Rosie - The Art School Years

After a years foundation course in Brighton I had an absolute blast studying Fine Art Sculpture at Central St Martins in London.

Rosie - The East London years

Out of art school and living in London, I shared a studio on Broadway Market with friends and started buying, selling and making. I’m a true hustler at heart.

Rosie - Bangkok!

A 3-month sojourn to Thailand ended with me frantically buying up stuff from the local markets and shipping it back home to sell on eBay.

Ever the entrepreneur even a holiday ends up as a business opportunity.

Rosie - Germany!

Met my amazing partner Kelly (we’ve been together for 20 years) and spent 3 years in Germany. Rosie Robinson was born and started out as customised denim being sold on Myspace and eBay.

My first foray into website design with a huge book of Dreamweaver and CSS.

Will the real Mrs Robinson please stand up!

My dear Nan, my cheerleader, my unwavering supporter, my believer.

And where I got the name Robinson from all those years ago.

Rosie - Back to London we go.

Customised denim turned into a full-blown vintage clothing and mid-century modern furniture business both online and from a shop in Wimbledon.

I’m definitely a trader at heart and love the thrill of turning a profit from buying and selling.

Rosie - The Dog Walking years

Professional dog walker for over 12 years with two hugely successful companies in SW London.

This was where I honed my local SEO skills and WUF design was born.

Rosie - The WUF years

I am hugely proud of creating a business that supports other pet business owners to up-level and upscale their businesses.

With my creative and pet business experience, I am now the go-to expert for pet business website design.

Or, as the APDT call me – ‘The Queen of Website Design’

Rosie loves

I’m a super happy and optimistic person which is fuelled by living in a tiny village on top of the cliffs in Sussex.

We are lucky to be surrounded by the most stunning countryside and the most beautiful beaches right on our doorstep.

I spend a lot of time outside in nature, walking the dogs, swimming in the sea all year round and paddleboarding.

And if we are not here, we are off having fun and cruising the coastlines of the UK in our campervan!

About me. (The formal version)

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. I started running my own businesses whilst at Central St Martins studying Fine Art. It was clear from the beginning that learning to code and build websites for the businesses I was running would be critical. So that’s exactly what I did. 

With a move into the pet industry, something clicked. I had found my tribe.

I have the hindsight and foresight you need: with extensive experience from over 10 years running my own pet businesses I instinctively know what will work. If you’ve got a pet business conundrum chances are I’ve already dealt with it and can give you the head start you need.  

From highly successful trainers, to expert vets, best in show groomers and talented pet creatives I just love working with pet business owners to create digital homes that help their businesses thrive.

I have the vision to guide your brand: I know pet businesses inside out. And I know design. I can guide your business into a brand with a strong, unique and consistent visual presence. 

I have the practical build skills to make it happen for you: I help pet business professionals grow their companies by creating them a digital home that truly represents their carefully crafted brand.

From simple sites to full on e-commerce I have the digital solutions to ensure your business reaches the right customers.