A little bit about me and how I can help you

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m a web designer specialising in websites for the pet industry.

I love animals, I love design and I love business.

Having graduated from Central St Martins with a Fine Art degree in 2001 I immediately started my own business, and although the businesses may have changed I have always been a self employed entreprenuer. Right from the start I have always enjoyed creating my own logos, branding and websites. Running your own business is hard work, but it is also super rewarding.

The advent of the internet, and how quickly it has subsequently moved on has been an absolute game changer for the small business owner. With a website, appropriate SEO and social media you can gain audience and clients like never before. It can be over whelming at times but done the right way it should be exciting, enjoyable and FUN!

Many years experience of running my own businesses within the pet industry means that I have stood in your shoes. I know how daunting it can be choosing a website designer, how many questions you will have, and I’m happy to answer them all!

Having a site high in the google listings is possible with excellent SEO, but a few extra things are usually required, I have learnt this from running my own companies in an extremely competitive area. All of my businesses rank in the top three on the first page of google for each search term. My methods are tried and tested and I’m happy to share these with you so you can benefit from them too.

Lastly, your website represents you as a business. If you have a template built website filled with stock images and generic paw prints this doesn’t tell any potential clients and customers who you are, how amazing you are and why they need YOU. It is really important to me that your website conveys who you are as a person which I do via your logo, colour scheme and fonts as part of your branding. Sadly, if your website looks cheap and untrustworthy they will assume your business is too. Don’t let that happen to your fabulous business – let me help you be the best you can online.

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