Getting your business looking future forward.

Are you a bit stuck?

Are you overwhelmed and not quite sure which direction to take your business in?

Or maybe you’ve got tons of ideas and need some help working out which one to go for?

Then you need a power hour with me –  your digital pet business coach!

Part of my website design process includes going through your business to work out your strengths, what you want to be doing to earn your money, which service you really love doing and would like to do more of.

When we build a website we are building the foundation of your business and that’s why it’s essential for us to talk about things like your ideal clients, who you want to market your business to, what do you and your business stand for?

My clients have always said how they come away from these sessions feeling so much lighter, and clearer and ready to really move forward.

If you’d like some de-tangling of ideas, some clarity, a fresh pair of eyes and some of that extra special Rosie positivity then you are in the right place.

The Digital Business Boost Power Hour will help focus your pet business into looking future forward.

How does this differ from business coaching?


Whilst we will still be looking at your business as a whole eg. your target market, your services and your goals, the hour with me will also include the practical and digital side to this. Afterall, with all these new plans and ideas you’re going to want to know how to do this right?

We are now living truly in the digital age. If you are not online then you are missing out on clients, customers and business growth.

With my knowledge not only can I help you move your business forward I can advise on exactly how to do this.

For example, if we decide that you’d like to create and sell a course I can run through all the options with you right there and then. This means you don’t have to go away and then spend hours researching or worrying you have made the right decision, we’ll do that right immediately.

We’ll discuss how you can start an idea off on a small budget, and then how you could expand this later on when you’ve got more budget to play with.

What should I choose you?


1. I have over twenty years of technical, digital and website design experience.

2. I have a degree in Fine Art; which means I have a creative mind. One that bursts with ideas and one that’s a little bit crazy, but when we are planning your business future this is exactly what you need. You don’t want boring, you want someone who will suggest all those things you hadn’t even thought about.

3. I have over 12 years of working with the Pet Industry. I know the business inside and out.

4. I know other people, I know the best people and I can recommend them to you.

I speak to a lot of people, and I do a lot of connecting people together, whether that’s people working together or if you need a particular service.

5. I’m a native entrepreneur. I’ve never had an office job, I’ve never worked in corporate, I’m a straight outta Art school into running my own businesses girl.

I get the highs and lows, the frustrations, but most of all I get the fact that the sky is the limit. Once we realise that we are in control of our monthly pay cheque and we can earn as much money as we want that’s when the fun starts!

I’m here to help you reach for the stars and to help you realise your business dreams.


t: 07984 235 635