Dog Walker Website Design Feature – Charlie Bears Pet Care

Posted On March 8, 2019

Who is Charlie Bear?

Gavin from Charlie Bears is a dog walker from Croydon and an absolute sweetie pie. He came to me very worried being totally non techie and was supremely relieved when I reassured him that he didn’t have to know about anything at all. He had seen my portfolio of previous work and definitely wanted a WUF website feeling that my style suited how he wanted to project his business.

We discussed menu structure and content, branding wise the only thing Gavin was firm on was his colours. Ice cream colours, I like pink and green. Design wise ‘clean, simple, not much on it’.

Charlie Bears Brand Board


Sometimes it’s tricker having less details than more from a client, but once I had seen Gavin’s instagram it all fell into place very quickly. Looking at people’s insta is very telling, the way they take their image, the filters they use, the images they take, it’s like looking into a persons soul sometimes, especially when it comes to those working with animals.

Gavin’s caring personality and love for the animals in his care shone through, along with his amazing relationship with his cat Charlie Bear – yes the business is named after him!


Home page

The uber modern hamburger menu icon, brand colours and happy dog hit the mark for Gavin’s target audience.



Gavin didn’t have a lot of photos to use, so we used what we had with some cleverly chosen stock that don’t look too stock like. I optimised all the images in photoshop to give them the same warm tint to add consistency.

I’m totally in love with Gavin’s quirky button style that mirror his logo!


Design details

I felt like we needed a little something whilst designing and was happy when Gavin agreed we could use this illustrations. All the colours have been changed to match his branding and I feel they bring a happy and fun vibe. They are also awesome to use across social media!

Gavin has thrown himself into his new business and is doing massively well keeping up with all his new social media accounts taking into account all the advice I have given him in making it work for his SEO.




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