Solid, secure and fast hosting = total peace of mind for you.

Is your website hosting driving you crazy?

Slow website loading speeds?

Frustrating support?

You’re not able to get even the simplest tasks like creating a new email address done for you?

You need the WUF hosting care plan! I’ve had an ongoing relationship with my awesome UK based hosting company for 20 years now and by working closely with them I am able to provide secure, fast and reliable hosting.

The plan includes me taking care of everything for you, but should ever need it each website has it’s own space and home on the server meaning that you will always have your own login details.

Benefits of hosting with WUF.

My hosting is fast!

One of Google’s many ranking factors is the speed in which your website loads. So you’ll get an extra bit of Google love being on my hosting.

My hosting is UK based.

Having been with them for nearly 20 years I have an excellent relationship with my hosting where they know me as ‘Rosie the pet lady’. If something does happen their response time to me is jaw droppingly fast on email or on a direct phone line.

They take a pro-active approach.

My hosting company take a pro active approach to hosting, rather than a fix it when it goes wrong stance. Without going into techy details included is:

WAF (Web Application Firewalls) – analysing and filtering web traffic and identifying bad bots, detect and blocking attacks and blacking IP’s of those who look to be up to nefarious antics.

Anti-malware – numerous layers to analyse everything uploaded to your website with dodgy stuff removed and quarantined.

DDoSa (Distributed Denial of Service attacks) pro-active monitoring on the health of the networks so if an attack is recognised engineers are alerted and will deal with it.

Backups – daily back ups on a separate server which are kept for 14 days.

Back ups & updates.

In addition to the back ups taken by my hosting company all websites are added to a premium back up service that I subscribe to provided by Blogvault. This is further protection for your website and enables me to have a clear view of exactly what’s going on with all my websites, at all timees via their dashboard.

More information can be found here

Blogvault website

Litespeed Cache.

Once transferred to my hosting I will install the litespeed cache plugin. This integrates with the server your website is stored on to optimise it further in terms of loading and speed.

More information can be found here

Litespeed Cache Plugin Website

Secure SSL certificate included.

All websites now need an SSL security certificate attached to them.

What are they and why do you need one? 

Read more on my blog post about SSL

Included in the hosting care plan.

Hosting / domain + email (if required)

Security check to ensure everything is as it should be including: anti-virus, malware and firewall (mainly to stop hacking attempts)

Update of all plug-ins used by the site (license cost not included)

Update the WordPress theme (if there is a new update available to install)

Update theme or framework – this will be decided on a case by case basis depending on what theme you use and what type of license you have for it

General checks that all updates are run smoothly and don’t have a negative impact on any site or any of the pages

Check for malicious files or breeches/weaknesses in the sites security

Back up of the sites, so that in the case anything was damaged or lost that we could reinstate the site as it was to within four weeks as a worst case scenario

Admin passwords updated if required

Secure SSL certificate included.

Plan pricing.

One off migration fee – £75.00

Monthly cost – £50.00

(daily cost – 62p per day!)

Ready to sign up to total peace of mind?

Use my calendly to schedule a 20 minute call. We’ll run over where you are currently hosted, any issues you are having and how best to solve them moving forward.


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