Jo Scott Art – a client success story

Posted On October 27, 2020

Or – how WUF supports your business as it grows and changes.

Jo Scott was one of my favourite clients, and yes I say was, because Jo is a no longer a client but she is very much a WUF success story and she may not be a client anymore but she is very much still a good friend.

Jo came to me in January 2018 for a new logo and a website to showcase her work, start a blog and increase her commissions for her paintings. In March 2018 we launched Jo’s website and Jo reported “…by July visitors to my website had increased by over 1000% yes, a thousand!”


Let’s just read that again “…by July visitors to my website had increased by over 1000% yes, a thousand!”


It’s now October 2020 and we’ve just closed Jo’s website – so what happened in between?  Let me take you through our journey, the short version and not the long ‘every tiny change’ version!

First, let’s take a look at Jo’s lovely website. It was a very popular website on my portfolio, I regularly had client’s booking in who would say ‘I love Jo’s website, I want one like that’


We started off with the usual home, about, contact and testimonials page along with a super commissions page.

Now a WUF website is made very much to grow and change as your business does. Jo, like me, is very goals orientated and so we would have regular calls where Jo would tell me about her ideas and plans and we would chat through what this meant for the website, if we needed to add or change or even take stuff off.

I love working with clients like this, I’m very proactive as a website designer and this brings out my best planning mode!

Adding a blog

We added a blog, and split this into two, so Jo had a regular blog posts page and then also an events page with past and future events. I created this using category functionality so it was very easy for Jo to post articles or events and they would all appear on the correct page for her.

Creating extra pages

If I can remember correctly I think the next stage was adding in extra pages about Trade and Licensing. At this point I think we had a chat about including future e commerce and it was decided that Shopify would be the right route for this.

Next up:  e-commerce

Jo created herself a basic Shopify that was split into trade and public sections and we linked it to the website with a custom link in the main navigation on the website over to the Shopify store.

She’s off on her travels!

The next BIG bit of news was that Jo was buying a motorhome to travel around Europe for a year! This was no small motorhome either, oh no, when Jo does something she does it properly.. check out this bad boy..



Before Jo went she was making all sorts of plans on how to deliver her products whilst she was on tour and then Corona happened and we all got locked down. The e commerce was doing great and Jo asked me to give her basic Shopify a full makeover.

Shopify refresh time

This was a lovely project to work on, right from the start Jo has always supplied fantastic images to use including having professional photos taken of herself, her studio and her work.


The new and improved Shopify store.


Jo and I spoke about potentially moving everything over to Shopify maybe in six months to a year, but it’s going so well that Jo’s decided to just go for it!

With a quick chance to screenshot the old website, Jo changed over her domain and now it points to her awesome Shopify store and poof in an instant, her website was gone..

With my Shopify clients I don’t have the same ongoing relationship with them work wise as the platform is built for people to be able to manage their own stores. However, knowing Jo as I now do, I have a funny feeling that it’s probably ‘see you later’ from Jo, rather than goodbye forever.

Jo, you’ve been awesome

Jo – it’s been such great fun working with you over the past nearly three years, I’m so proud of being able to be your right hand digital woman and see you through the incredible growth and life changes you have been through.

I can’t wait to see where your path leads you next – and you better stop by my tiny corner of the world in that massive van of yours or you’re gonna be in big trouble 😉

You can visit Jo’s awesome Shopify store made by yours truly HERE

This is Jo’s review for me in 2018 of the original website

There comes a time in your business when you need to outsource some tasks, Rosie at WUF Design was the perfect choice for me and my website.

I am a one-woman business and I was struggling to keep on top of everything, wanting to keep control, yet fully aware that my website could be more streamlined, more professional looking and SEO had been on my to-do list for roughly 2 years…it was time to get a professional in!

Rosie was brilliant at helping me re-brand, she has an excellent design eye, picking out colours from my work to use in the design, she added wonderful details to the site that just look so much better than you can achieve on your own and let’s not forget SEO, Privacy and Cookie policies, she walked me through updating the lot.

I keep control of the areas of the website I want to update regularly, but if there is anything I need Rosie to change it’s always done straight away.

I handed over my website to Rosie in January and by July visitors to my website had increased by over 1000% yes, a thousand!

I couldn’t be happier, and l look forward to working with Rosie more over the coming months and years.

– Jo Scott, 2018″

Finally, for posterity (and also so I don’t lose them) here are the final screenshots from Jo’s website.

(The grey border wasn’t on the website it’s just to distinguish the page screenshots from each other)









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