Moo Moo & Bear Shopify Store – an SEO success story!

Posted On October 11, 2020

We launched the brand new Moo Moo and Bear shop for Nadia just 4 months ago. The old site was using WIX as a platform and as well as design issues there were several flaws in it that meant Nadia was missing out on orders.

Having been thinking about it for a while, Nadia came back to me and said ‘let’s go for it – I am ready for a brand new Shopify store’

4 months post launch of the new store and Nadia emailed me yesterday – she’s on the front page of Google for the term ‘handmade dog collars’!!!

This is AMAZING news, but not just that, she’s up to her 500th order already – WOOHOO!!
So what is this down to?

Well firstly the Shopify platform is built for ecommerce and I find the integrated SEO to be really good. There is the possibility of using advanced SEO apps but so for we haven’t needed to.

A lot of hard work from Nadia and I, we built the SEO in during the build – Nadia has put in a TON of work making sure she did everything I asked her to.

A very engaged social media audience – Nadia works super hard on her social media and it shows. I always say to my e commerce clients it’s really important to be driving customers from your profiles.

I can’t tell you how chuffed I am for Nadia, and to be a part of it, to build the store that has enabled her to grow like this is just brilliant.

And so my shop sellers, it is possible, there is hope, it can be done!

If you are ready for a shop upgrade or would like a review of your existing shop then do give me a shout.

And of course now I have totally got the itch again to set up my own shop – a lot of hard work but fun as well.

Written by Rosie

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m a freelance web designer specialising in websites for the pet industry. I love animals, I love design and I love business.

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