Ready to up your website game?

Your website is the most important investment you can make for your business, and it can feel like a big one budget-wise as well.

I want to make sure that your investment works for you, that your website delivers on the goals you have for it, and generates a positive return on your investment.

Whether you are just starting out or are established and want to grow your client and customer base, a website with excellent SEO is one of the best business moves you can make.

A WUF website build starts at £2500

This price includes SEO optimisation making your website search engine ready and increasing the chances of high visibility and a higher ranking for your business..

The final price depends on a few things, including the functionality you need to integrate eg a blog, email marketing, ability to take payments, sales pages etc

Please note that my prices include everything being implemented properly for maximum effect. I’m not a fan of cutting corners or making do. I’m fully invested in my client’s success and take my job of doing the best I possibly can for them very seriously.

Please fill in your project details using the form on my contact page and we can discuss your goals and I can give you a firmer price.

Please note, I no longer work with e-commerce clients or build stores for product sellers.

Are payment plans available?

Yes absolutely!

A lot of my clients ask if they can split the full cost into 3 or 4 payments which is fine by me. I do ask for the project cost to be paid in full by the time we launch.

The WUF Club

Take advantage of my monthly membership and enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your website is being cared for, regularly updated and lots more.


There comes a time in your business when you need to outsource some tasks, Rosie at WUF Design was the perfect choice for me and my website.

I am a one-woman business and I was struggling to keep on top of everything, wanting to keep control, yet fully aware that my website could be more streamlined, more professional looking and SEO had been on my to-do list for roughly 2 years…it was time to get a professional in!

Rosie was brilliant at helping me re-brand, she has an excellent design eye, picking out colours from my work to use in the design, she added wonderful details to the site that just look so much better than you can achieve on your own and let’s not forget SEO, Privacy and Cookie policies, she walked me through updating the lot.

I keep control of the areas of the website I want to update regularly, but if there is anything I need Rosie to change it’s always done straight away.

I handed over my website to Rosie in January and by July visitors to my website had increased by over 1000% yes, a thousand!

I couldn’t be happier, and l look forward to working with Rosie more over the coming months and years.

– Jo, Jo Scott Art