One hour of SEO Help & Guidance




One to one help and guidance for a full hour either zoom or on the phone.

I like to look at SEO as a pie. There is no one big huge pie that is going to guarantee you rankings in google, but there are lots of little things – slices of pie – that you can do to help google ‘see’ your website, give your website authority and therefore help google to show it to more people. Once you start adding all these slices together it helps to give google a much more complete picture of your website and business.

We can tailor the hour to suit your business and website, taking in a bit of GoogleMyBusiness along the way if you are a local and service based business.

WordPress users: we can discuss which SEO plugin to use, how to set it up and any extras I spot that will help give you a little extra google juice.

Wix/Weebly/Squarespace users: Whilst I don’t use these platforms myself the structure of SEO remains the same and the principles we run through you should be able to apply on your website. Some will be on site changes to make, others off site changes.


  1. I will not be making changes to your website. This hour is for help and guidance for you to make the changes you need to.
  2. Rankings are not guaranteed, the methods I use are standard methods that can be found online. What I offer is one to one help to make it all much clearer to you and give you have an actionable list of things to do. Prior to our call I will have done a mini website seo audit to make sure that everything I advise is specific to your website.
  3. SEO is, or should be, an ongoing process that needs working at on a monthly basis. I wish I had a magic SEO wand that makes everyone’s website appear on the top most spot but sadly I don’t!