SEO – a simple look at the different sections

Posted On October 11, 2020

Why I like to think of SEO in terms of a pie

Most people talk about SEO in terms of on-page and off-page, but as SEO evolves and becomes more of an on going process I like to look at it like a pie with each slice of the pie adding it’s own yumminess to the whole SEO pie.

If we are going super in depth then actually the pie can be cut into even more slices – but here are the main ones.

Slice 1. Technical

This covers site speed, mobile responsiveness, crawlability, where you host, your CMS, your Schema and so much more. Also included are meta titles and descriptions, H1, H2 and H3 headers and image optimisation in this.

Slice 2. Content

Your pages, posts and products. Writing your page content should be about quality not just quantity. Write engaging, focused, helpful content and don’t spam your keywords.
Don’t forget to give those titles some extra thought – that’s page titles, product page titles and blog post titles.

Slice 3. Links

Links from other websites back to yours act as a thumbs up from others. The idea is to earn these links by just being awesome! But of course you can also build links via reputable directories (citations), guest posting on blogs and being featured in articles and podcasts.

Members of my WUF club get helpful PDF’s of suggested directories for each of the areas that citations fall into.

⁠Slice 4. Socials

The SEO world still cannot decide whether Google uses social media likes, links and follower numbers as a measure of your rankablility.

But whatever – your social profiles are an important part of your digital and content marketing strategy to help build your authority, demonstrate your expertise and of course drive traffic to your website!

Written by Rosie

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m a freelance web designer specialising in websites for the pet industry. I love animals, I love design and I love business.

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