The added value that comes with a WUF website – Photoshop

Posted On October 11, 2020

What do you get with a WUF website?

Well you get a lot of extra bits – bits that I don’t really talk about but which I hope make all the difference.

The other day I was doing some work on clients pictures in Photoshop and realised that as part of the making a website service I also ‘pop the pics through photoshop to sort them out’. To me this is a small part of my process, and an added extra I like to do to make my websites really sing. But it’s actually quite an important part of the process and maybe something that you wouldn’t get elsewhere!
So what do I do? Well, amongst other things I..
✨ Lighten
✨ Brighten
✨ Sharpen
✨ Edit out random objects or distracting things
✨ Make skies blue
✨ Make a dull day seem like a summer day
✨ Crop pics to exactly the right size
✨ Level out horizon lines
✨ Make images seem warmer, grass can often be quite cold
✨ Edit pattern colours to match your branding colours
✨ Create custom icons for your brand
and much much more.
As you can imagine this can really be quite time consuming, and yes I should probably charge extra for it, but I don’t. Why? Because it’s super important to me to do the best possible job I can do for you and your business, and if that means ‘popping the pics through photoshop’ then that’s what I do – even if I don’t tell you about it!
I do this for my bespoke website builds as well as my Ready Steady WUF template websites. Everyone gets the same level of service because even if you are on a budget you still deserve the best 🙂

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