Nicky from Tiddletime had an ancient website that she hadn’t received one enquiry through. She had recently upgraded her van, expanded her areas and felt like it was time to give her website a make-over as well. We agreed that we would keep with the same green colour scheme, but go for a fresh new logo.

When Nicky sent her pictures over everything fell into place because in every single picture the dogs looked so HAPPY! It was this fun filled walk that Nicky provides that I really wanted to convey via the design and branding. Nicky’s requests were: some paw prints, a ‘pack’ gallery with the dogs faces in circles and her tag line ‘If you need a widdle call Mr & Mrs Tiddle’ which have all been successfully incorporated.

Nicky is over the moon with her new website and has come on board our monthly care plan allowing me to keep her google+ page updated and her website fully maintained.

Check out the Tiddletime website