Updating the design of a pet business blog

Posted On October 26, 2020

A blog is a fantastic way of getting your pet business found on Google

Most people set up their website with a simple blog, write a few posts and then it falls by the wayside. This is such a shame as having an up to date, blog on your website is a great way of getting visibility in the Google search listings.

This post will focus on the set up of your blog and the design of it, rather than the SEO specifics which I will go into in another post.

I recently updated the blog on Angela’s website Polite Paws Dog Training

Angela’s blog was a pretty lacklustre list of posts with titles only and no images. There was nothing exciting or engaging about her blog page that would encourage people to read or click around on her blog.

Angela had no categories on her blog, all her posts were listed in ‘uncategorized’ and her posts didn’t have any featured image at the top to set the tone of the piece and explain what it is about.

So what have I done for the Polite Paws Dog Blog?

Changed the image in the header

Now we have a gorgeous image that is consistent with the rest of the website

Added categories in the dashboard

Angela then assigned each existing post to either one or more of them

Changed the design of the blog page itself

Including adding a menu of the categories making it super easy for people to find the content they want, or easily surf around the different sections

Refreshed the design of the category pages

A lot of people forget this bit but category pages are equally important as you can hope to get them ranking in Google as well

Updated the design of the blog post page itself

The design is applied to each blog post meaning that all Angela has to do is add her content in plain text on the back end.

If we need to add something extra to the design then I can add that to the design template and it will retrospectively add it to all the blog posts.

On the bottom of the post is a bio section about Angela – this is super important if your reader has come from a direct link in Google rather than via your home page.

Lastly we have a carousel of recent posts to keep the reader on your website (just like the one I have on the bottom of this post).


Exciting news!

Rachel Spencer and I have teamed up to offer this fantastic 4 week programme to help get you blogging in the right way and start your 2021 off with a bang!

Check it out Rachel’s website HERE

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