Why the cost of a WUF website is an investment and not just a price

Posted On December 9, 2019


Why does a WUF website cost what it does?

A website isn’t just about the building of a website, it’s really more about what it does AFTER the launch, and in turn, what you are going to get back from it. In official terms this is called ‘return on investment’, but to me it means creating you a website that works, that delivers on it’s goals e.g. sale, enquiries, clients.

I think the easiest way for me to explain this is in terms of a case study. So, let me show you what I have just done for Alex from Rove Pet Services.


Alex had a an existing website, it was built on Wix and she received minimal enquiries through it. It ranked well for two places, but none of her other local areas.

I built her a new website which we launched on November 27th 2019, I took the following rankings using the Chrome browsers incognito view, which is the best way of getting results unaffected by any of my previous searches or my location.

. . . . . . . . . .

Rankings taken 27th November ’19

Dog walker Basildon – page 1 mid

Dog walker Billericay – page 1 bottom

Dog walker Noak Bridge – not ranked

Dog walker Pitsea – not ranked

Dog walker Laindon – not ranked

Dog walker Langdon Hills – not ranked

. . . . . . . . . .

I waited five days and then did them again.

. . . . . . . . . .

Rankings taken 2nd December ’19

Dog walker Basildon – page 1 mid

Dog walker Billericay – page 1 mid

Dog walker Noak Bridge – page 1, no 1

Dog walker Pitsea – page 1, no 4

Dog walker Laindon – page 1, no 3

Dog walker Langdon Hills – page 1, no 8

. . . . . . . . . .

As you can see, in just five days I had Alex’s new website ranking in her four new areas on page one in the organic listings.

The two pages she had originally ranked for had gone up a couple of spots as well.

All well and good I hear you say, but what does this actually MEAN? So, in real life, practical terms this is what it means..

On Friday 6th December, nine days post launch, Alex messaged me to tell me she had her first enquiry for Noak Bridge, a previously unranked area.

On Sunday 8th December, eleven days post launch, Alex messaged me again to say

This week, I’ve secured £3k annually for the business from the website alone. And I have another enquiry I’m chasing up too. The website has now paid for itself!”

And that is why a WUF website is not just a cost but an investment, when you invest your money in something you can expect to get it back, and once you’ve got it back, everything on top is pure profit!

Whilst we are talking about investment, as a web designer I am fully invested in my clients as a person and their business. It gives me the utmost joy to receive messages like the above from Alex. As a fellow small business owner for many years I understand the tough times and the struggles, I feel fortunate and blessed that the skills I have are able to help others move forward and grow their business.

My WUF motto is “Helping other businesses succeed by bringing light and life, positivity, sales, enquiries and clients to them in a practical manner by implementing systems and giving them tools & knowledge to move forward in a fast paced digital landscape.”

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