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Well, where do I start?

When I first met Rosie – she was, in the most non cheesiest of ways, magnetic (best word to describe it!).

Straight off the bat, it was clear that helping others succeed is at the forefront of Rosie’s agenda.
Since my first call with Rosie, I’ve niched, taken on a VA and now have a waiting list full of my ideal clients.

Whenever I end a call with Rosie, I am left empowered and motivated. Her words of wisdom are always something I treasure and pass on to my own clients.

Finding your tribe makes a difference, getting the right support changes the game!

Christi Atkinson

Social Media Strategist


Are you ready to advance to the next level?


Do you have big dreams for your dog training business but you feel unsure of your next steps?


Your established business is doing great but you are feeling overwhelmed and have decision-making brain freeze?


With so many paths to follow; courses, academies, masterclasses - you feel you are lacking in clarity, self confidence and belief in choosing the best way forward for your business?


You want to create a business that suits your life goals, that you run, rather than it running you.



Rosie is THE woman you want in your corner if you need support with developing your biz.

Straightalking but never harsh, positive but always practical, creative but never pie in the sky.

I have had endless a-ha moments talking things through with Rosie. And I’ve also had an incredible boost in self-belief – that I can actually grow my business in the way I want to with a clear plan and the balls to run with it.

Rosie will cheerlead the hell out of you and keep you on track so that your business dreams become a reality.

Self-belief and getting shiz done ahoy!

Thank you Rosie for always being in my corner with gently delivered honesty, neverending support and enthusiasm.

Rikki Sullivan



power time with Rosie

WUF ninjas is a 6 week one to one mentoring programme that will help you practically grow your business through positioning (yourself and your business) and mindset.

Being me though, this isn’t going to be some stuffy business course. I have no downloads to give you, no course for you to do, no promise of bajillion pounds a month income, but what I can promise is laser focussed, bespoke help and support help move you forwards with a practical plan for sustained and reliable growth.

We will talk strategy but we will adjust the approach for you. This is NOT a rinse and repeat formula it’s about creating YOUR strategy, tailored to you, to get to your goal, the way you want to.

There is no framework. The key outcome is that you have a profitable, predictable and consistent business that you LOVE to work in.

Finally, it’s gonna be fun, relaxed and informal. It’s going to be impactful and you’ll get the work done and have fun whilst you’re doing it.

The last couple of years have been a rollercoaster for everyone. Business, how we do business, how we grow a business and what we want from our business has changed.

Wealth is usually talked about in terms of megabucks, but the world is redefining the meaning of wealth on all levels.

What does wealth mean to you?

What if I asked you about your optimum way to grow?

More time with your dogs? Time to travel? You want to go back to school and study?

In this new world it’s time to change the way we we measure productivity, prosperity, sustainability and profit. Busy does not mean successful, and a worn out you is not going to help you serve.

It’s time to build a business that does good, serves & helps people AND serves & helps you at the same time.

I find the way to grow is to create a business that you LOVE. When you do, you’ll find that everything flows easily to you and your income will increase exponentially without you realising!

My promise to you

I will help you feel empowered and more balanced in your work life.

I will talk you through all the tech so you have a clear idea of what to use, why and how.

I will help with your mindset and your confidence, to help grow you the business balls you need to succeed.

I will help you find more happiness in your work. I am passionate about helping you make a living doing what you love that allows you to live the life you want to.



I had been finding certain areas of my business a little tricky for a while, mostly based around mindset, and it was holding me back from making some big decisions. I needed some realistic and practical support… enter Rosie!

Wow, the difference it has made to how I feel about my business has been incredible! I now feel able to tackle anything that comes at me… there’s no way I would have thought about things the way Rosie does.

There were a lot of OMG YES! moments that’s for sure!

Alison Price

Graphic Designer


to help you do this

Hi, I’m Rosie and you’ll maybe know me as the rockstar website designer behind WUF design.

I’ve been working within the pet business world for many years. I have two six figure dog walking businesses under my belt and am now the go-to person for a pet business website.

Being deep within the industry and helping so many people build their own pet business online means that I truly know the pet business world. A lethal combination when tied together with my digital and tech skills

I know your audience, your clients and I know the right advice to give you to help you get where you want to be.

I have been helping people grow the businesses of their dreams and I’m ready to do the same for you.

Being the ‘pet business website expert’ means that I’m bang up to date on all things tech and digital. I’m a total geek and love keeping up to date within this fast paced environment.

I’m a local SEO specialist and certified by Google Digital Garage.

When we strategise and plan we will naturally talk about the possible tech that you could use to take your business forward, and this is where I come into my own.

I’m a total demon for knowing all the tech, discussing all the options with you in an easy to understand way and making all things digital much clearer.


talking about

Email marketing

Why it’s so great for growth how it works, how to do it right, which platforms to use. So you can be confident that the system you set up works for you.

Digital marketing

Online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads and social media posts – so much to choose from but which one is right for you? 

Content Marketing

Blogs, newsletters, social media posts, emails, videos.. which one is right and relevant for your audience?

Booking and contact systems

Need to simplify your processes? Let’s talk systems!

Membership and academies

Juicy recurring revenue AND the opportunity to help more people. 


Whether taught as part of a programme or a stand alone product, courses are a great way of teaching your thing to many people.

You can reach and help more people at once in a one to many situation.



I’ve jokingly called Rosie my ‘Rock’ but it’s honestly the truth.

Rosie helped me with my website when I wrote a book three years ago and said ‘Oh I only need a one pager.’

I thought that would be it, but she helped give me the confidence and self belief to do more with the book, first by creating a blog.

The blog led to my first online course, then a membership programme and a podcast, and my coaching now brings in 80% of my revenue.

Rosie has been so kind and encouraging, and has helped with my website, sales pages and many many things when I’ve called her saying ‘Do you think you can…’

She’s celebrated my wins, supported me in my wobbles, and picked me up of the floor when I needed her, and is always there cheerleading for me.

With Rosie by your side you can take on the world.

Rachel Spencer



Is this you?

You are super busy running your business, you spend your spare time reading up about social media, email marketing and everything you ‘should’ be doing to grow your business.

You give it a go, post on socials, set up a lead magnet and yet you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Why? Because you have no strategy that is specific to YOUR business.

Doing all these things is pointless if you don’t fundamentally understand WHY you are doing them, IF they are right for your business and the way to do them RIGHT.

If this is you, then I’m here to help you change all of that. To turn it on it’s head and help you build a business that you love and that works for you

A business where everything is done with intention and goal setting.


WHat does it cost?

Of course it’s about the hard work, but with me by your side cheerleading you on you’ll get that work done and have fun whilst you’re doing it.

Who is this for?

It’s for dog trainers and pet professional service providers. It’s not for those whose main focus is selling products or e commerce.




Ready to jump in feet first because you just know, because you have that gut feeling? Then I can’t wait to ninja you up!

Me & You =

6 weeks

1 x 1 hour call per week

Access to me in between those calls on messenger

By the end you will have a full business and website audit with a target revenue and plan to reach it.

Knowledge of online business, how it works, why you are doing the things you do.


** Important. This is 6 weeks of mentoring, you’ll be responsible for doing the work. I can of course give you guidance and recommend awesome people to help you get stuff done from my trusted referral network.

If you are looking for someone to advise and do the tech for you please EMAIL ME about my ‘tech the pain away’ days.

Interested? – book a call below and we can have a chat to make sure we are a good fit for each other.