The APDT UK is a full website re-design with a logo re fresh on the way as well.

The previous APDT was dated and unsecure so it has been brought up to date in style and in technology.

The directory of 600 members previously was a list of members divided into each county with no way of searching effectively.

The new website has a fully functioning directory where you can search for a member by name, by place, or by postcode.

Other tech includes an events calendar, and a coming soon a new way of purchasing the yearly courses.

The members section used to be one page only, but has now been re formed into it’s own area with independent menu making the content easy to see and digest.


I hired Rosie to create my new website and she was so helpful and came up with many many ideas of how to make it work and look professional.

I’ve been really pleased with what she created but also the support and advice she has given me afterwards.

The aftercare you get with WUF is fantastic and I’ve recommended Rosie to several colleagues too.

– Rachel Spencer, 2019

I had been thinking about updating my blog website to incorporate a shop using print on demand for a while. I had no idea how it would, or even if it could be achieved. I spoke to Rosie, she was so positive and assured me that it could be done, so even though I was sceptical, I trusted Rosie.

Working with Rosie on my rebrand and website has been such a pleasure. How Rosie got the thoughts in my head and created an amazing logo, brand AND website, I don’t know. My website was not a straight forward one at all, but Rosie was always positive and wasn’t phased with anything we encountered at all.

I learnt so much from Rosie and working with her on the site has given me a real sense of achievement. I now have a website that I am proud to promote and shout about, I absolutely LOVE my new website.

I didn’t think twice about signing up for Rosie’s care plan, because although I do pick up things quickly, I don’t understand the tech side of things, SEO or google stuff, so to have her at the end of the phone is so reassuring.

I can’t thank Rosie enough for everything, and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for help with their website, Rosie just seems to have a sixth sense of what you want to achieve. If you are thinking about making a call to Rosie, don’t dither, just pick up the phone and do it! You won’t be disappointed.

– Michelle Burgess, 2019

There comes a time in your business when you need to outsource some tasks, Rosie at WUF Design was the perfect choice for me and my website.

I am a one-woman business and I was struggling to keep on top of everything, wanting to keep control, yet fully aware that my website could be more streamlined, more professional looking and SEO had been on my to-do list for roughly 2 years…it was time to get a professional in!

Rosie was brilliant at helping me re-brand, she has an excellent design eye, picking out colours from my work to use in the design, she added wonderful details to the site that just look so much better than you can achieve on your own and let’s not forget SEO, Privacy and Cookie policies, she walked me through updating the lot.

I keep control of the areas of the website I want to update regularly, but if there is anything I need Rosie to change it’s always done straight away.

I handed over my website to Rosie in January and by July visitors to my website had increased by over 1000% yes, a thousand!

I couldn’t be happier, and l look forward to working with Rosie more over the coming months and years.

– Jo Scott, 2018

… It was just fabulous handing it all over to you and knowing you would do an amazing job, there are loads of little touches that I would never have thought of, thanks again, I’m delighted with it! 😁

– Jo Scott, 2020

“Rosie, it’s been an absolute pleasure and you are such a lovely person to work with.

I have nothing but praise for you, with your knowledge on everything tech and eye for design you have produced a masterpiece.

I am over the moon with it thank you so much 🙏”

– Patricia, July 2020

Launched July 2020 – review coming soon!

“I touched base with Rosie knowing I need to upgrade my website as there were many customer service issues that I wasn’t happy with alongside needing to up my game to a much more professionally designed site.

There was an instant connection and understanding of where I wanted my website to go and the look I was after.  Rosie recommended a couple of providers that may suit the bill but we ultimately opted for a Shopify build and the recommendation of a fabulous theme which enabled me to have the features that were necessary within the business, plus the design suitable for the look of my business.

The vision Rosie has is an invaluable tool, to be able to take other people’s ideas and translate them into a concept which will work for them.
Rosie is also fantastically patient with her clients and has an understanding of how they ultimately work too. My build, due to business pressures, and other focusses required prior to fully completing my website took over 10 months in total.

Our weekly calls were always a delight and upbeat occasion, sharing many giggles along the way, always having a step by step focus for the website to bring it all together and the magic does indeed happen.

The steps Rosie took, enabled me as a client to see the build taking shape and the visions of both of us come alive with tutorials at each step were the needed.

What’s more important to me, is that even when the reins of your website have been passed over to you, Rosie is still there championing your business, loves to hear the successes and its really lovely to share those moments with her.

I am absolutely delighted with my new professionally styled website, and the results are speaking for themselves.  I cannot recommend Rosie and her magic enough.”

I chose Rosie because she had done another Isle of Wight business website which I loved.

She also impressed me with her tips on social media. Having had a website created before I knew what she needed so together it was a fast process.

Rosie totally got me and quickly created visuals I loved. I would highly recommend her. If I needed any extra help she emailed brilliant video tutorials as well.

– Sarah,  April 2020

Rosie recently completed the website for my business, Rove Pet Services.

It’s hard to explain just how good Rosie was with this! She had good visibility on my business from the start and created a very appropriate brand board – without my even being involved!

After Rosie’s advice on where I could source templates, I wrote copy up, and the creation process began.

The first site was good! But after a weekend of review, Rosie returned to me having scrapped it and started again – with the second rendition being a total triumph!

Rosie clearly knows what she is talking about with websites. She is open to discussions and genuinely knows her way around her product – which is a rarity these days! We had a lot of discussions about identity, and changing bits and pieces – all of which she openly discussed and either took what I said on board, or explained why we shouldn’t change it.

Rosie made the process simple, understandable and the results are speaking for themselves. Rosie, thank you! A hundred thousand times, thank you. My business would not be on it’s current trajectory without you.

– Alex Graves, 2019


Rosie at WUF design stepped in to help us when our website unexpectedly went down with no warning at all.  She was able to quickly get a temporary page up for us which meant we still had an online presence.

We really don’t know what we would have done without her  help.  Being pretty clueless when it comes to websites and online marketing, Rosie’s help has been invaluable.  We love our fresh new looking website with up-to-date information and photos of our practice.

It was an uncertain and nerve racking time as we knew how important a website is in attracting new customers to our business. Rosie has not only provided our new website at a very reasonable price but she has also helped me save fortunes in unnecessary online marketing which I had been paying for services I really didn’t require. This makes a huge difference to a small independent practice like ourselves.

To add to this, we are easily able to make changes and updates to our site with her ongoing support and she also helps with ideas to add to separate us from the crowd.

We could not recommend WUF design highly enough and only wish we had made the change sooner.

– Nicola Gurrin, 2018

Groom Groom

Impossible to review with just few words, but I will try!

I was looking to have a website done and felt really lucky to come across Rosie’s business WUF design. 

Basically I said: I have no idea where to start! Rosie helped me with my copy for each page, the design, colours and images. She was also great in helping me to overcome my business fears and to talk proudly about my business.

I was having some issues with my graphics for my van design. Rosie sourced several designs and helped me decide which would best suit my brand, leasing with the van guys to make sure everything would work for them as well.

It’s so satisfying to talk to her that easily one hour goes by very quickly – she know what she’s talking about! 

I can definitely say I wouldn’t be so successful if wasn’t for Rosie and WUF design. 

As a service I feel like I received far more than I asked for and was expecting.Totally recommended.

– Carolina De Freitas, 2019

We can’t recommend Rosie highly enough, she really is a magician when it comes to websites.

Rosie has recently worked on updating our Shopify store for us. This wasn’t just a spring clean, it was a totally different look and we are over the moon with it!

Rosie was a delight to work with, she really gets to know your business which enables her to advise with authority on what is going to work best for your website.

Rosie has fantastic ideas that you may not have thought of and is always open to researching alternative options too. That being said if something isn’t going to work, she will also tell you and back it up with reasoning.

Rosie is really fun to work with, we all really enjoyed our Zoom calls! We are complete novices when it comes to websites and Rosie was happy to explain lots of different things, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

All in all, if you choose Rosie to create you a website we can guarantee you will have a fantastic website, and enjoy the process.

Thank you Rosie for helping us create a website that we are very proud of and showcases our products beautifully.

– Hannah, Lou and George. 2020

Rosie at WUF Design has been professional, attentive and friendly throughout the design of my website.

Rosie really understands the pet business world and this is reflected in the exceptional service that she is able to offer.

Not only is Rosie very creative, she is also extremely knowledgeable regarding SEO. My business is generally on the front page of a google search and I have had such a significant increase in phone calls since launching my new website.

If you own or run a pet service business, and are thinking of creating a new website,

I can highly recommend WUF Design. Give her a call, you will not be disappointed!

– Andrew, 2018


 Coming soon!


Go Walkies
I cannot recommend WUF Design more highly. When I took on my company, I inherited a website that was functional and had good SEO, but it was looking tired and I knew that that not being a technical person, I had lost control of the back end of it and didn’t have the capability required to make it slick and up to date.

Rosie is a complete joy; she took my vision and all the info I had and quite literally took the problem off me. She understood that I had no technical capabilities but had a good vision that she made come to life. She helped me redesign my logo, find animations that fitted the brand, and turned my site into a slick and user friendly place to be.

I could never have dreamed that I would have the website that she has created for me. She has worked so hard to ensure that all the positive aspects of my original site remain, including strong SEO.

When she offered me the monthly care package to manage and maintain my site, I jumped at the chance. Knowing she is going to be there, keeping it slick and running safely is so reassuring. She understands that I am not an expert at this, and managed to speak to me in layman’s terms the whole way through the process, but also made my creativity feel really appreciated.

I hadn’t fully understood my responsibility regarding security, privacy etc and I can now sleep at night knowing that Go Walkies London is a fully fledged beautiful website that represents my brand perfectly. I feel so lucky to have found Rosie at WUF Design and strongly suggest you get in touch if you are thinking of doing any website and online work.

– Laura McGlinchey, 2019

We can’t thank Rosie from WUF enough for all her work on our new website.

Right from the start she totally understood what we were trying to achieve with our business and who we wanted to appeal to client wise. We were over the moon with the logo and the brand board that she did us, it totally captured everything that we had discussed with her on the phone.

We’ve used the graphics and patterns she chose over our business cards and social media and the response from clients has been amazing, we are always getting complimented on our ‘lovely website’.

We are already ranking on the front page of Google and have a steady stream of enquiries coming in. The care plan is brilliant, none of us are at all techy so knowing that we don’t have to even think about that side of things is great.

Having everything taken care of for us and and our gorgeous new website has meant the business has grown much quicker than we thought would happen. THANK YOU ROSIE!

– Pawtown, 2019

Charlie Bears Pet Care

Rosie @ WUF Design made the most perfect website for my business taking into account everything I asked for, not only that she has gone above and beyond expectations with the management of the site when it comes to google rankings and content etc.

She’s a real driving force behind why my business in its infancy is already becoming a success!

– Gavin Williams, 2019


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