Do you want to feel more professional? How a WUF website can help you do this.

Posted On October 11, 2020

Why is a website so important?

Well lots of reasons, but one that keeps coming up in conversations is the word ‘professional’, as in ‘I don’t feel professional’ or ‘I want to look more professional’
During these conversations with people I was reminded of a blog post I wrote a few months ago, part of which was…

“But what people don’t realise is how having a professional branding, logo and website makes you FEEL.

It helps you step into that position of the expert, of being the professional business owner, there’s a mind shift that happens, I see it time and time again when we launch a WUF website and it’s the most awesome thing to see happening in people.

Imagine that feeling of when we put on our best pair of shoes, favourite shirt or dress, that jacket that makes us feel HOT, like we can take on the world and DANCE ALL NIGHT – that’s what a professional website does for you!

It makes you stand taller, shoulders back, not just ready to take on the world but have the confidence to go and win it, to nail it – day after day, over and over again.”

And this is all true, but it’s not just about how it makes you feel, it’s also about how people visiting your site perceive you.

I see a lot of pet business owners spending a lot of time and putting in a lot of effort with their digital and content marketing, and they are doing great, a fabulous Insta feed, engaging Facebook page, smart profile on Linked in, regular newsletters… and yet their website isn’t consistent with this.

Maybe it’s a few years old, the pictures haven’t been updated, the mobile version doesn’t work, there are broken links on the website or the services page is out of date.. so they are putting a ton of effort into the marketing, driving people to the website only for the potential client or customer to be presented with something that isn’t a true representation of their fabulous business.

It makes me very sad to think about the enquiries or sales they are losing at the last minute, the people who are landing on the website and then clicking straight off it again.

So, before you start blogging, or selling, or posting, or doing all those things we do to drive people to our website please stop and think – how is my website looking? Does it truly represent how awesome I am? Am I showcasing myself and my business? Am I telling the true story of how I can help people? Am I making it a total no brainer for people to book me?

Because before you start building your business and implementing your digital and content marketing strategy, it’s important to get the foundations right, it gives everything that comes after the best possible chance of success.

If your website doesn’t make you feel professional, if it’s not making you feel like you can dance all night then come and say hi, have a chat, see what we can do to sort that for you.

Because, in the wise words of Cheryl “you’re worth it”

Rosie x

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